Sunday, November 21, 2010


Most of you know I have 2 great little boys , but this past week they have turned into BOYS, the ones I never thought they would turn into....
. Hayden has gone back to his wonderful Habit of picking his nose....................and eating it... I tried to go the route of " that is gross Hayden do you want to eat mommies boogies?" He quickly would answer no , I would say " I know its because that is Gross, boogies are not meant to be eaten!"
He now goes around with his boogie on his finger saying to me " eat my boogie mommy" WHAT seriously , what happened to my sweet shy little boy?
. He also laughs when he farts
. Grayson laughs and eggs him on, the more Grayson laughs at him the more he does something
. Hayden DOES not LISTEN... I never had to ask him something more then one time with out him doing it quickly and with a smile on is face.... now its more like " Hayden put that down please you can hurt Grayson or yourself...... Hayden did you hear mommy please put it down......Hayden LISTEN to mommy Put that down.....HAYDEN PUT THAT THING DOWN NOW.....HAYDEN YOUR DRIVING MOMMY INSANE PUT IT DOWN!!! Yep that sounds about right!
. Grayson is into EVERYTHING, I can not turn around for 5 seconds and he will have something in his mouth ...Example .. Today we were watching Michaelas volleyball game and I noticed Grayson was chewing on something, I could not see anything so I did not worry about it , 15 mins later I noticed he still would not suck on his soother and he was chewing on something , I stuck my finger in his mouth ( which by the way I could honestly say I have been bitten about 100 time just this week) and what do I find a nice used piece of gum that he picked up from the stands and put in his mouth!!! SO GROSS!
. Grayson and Hayden wrestle and wrestle and drag each other around the house, and wrestle some more
. Hayden is the king of pushing the chair over and getting things he is not supposed to get in to..... Popsicles from the freezer, Medicine ( which he feeds to Grayson and himself) Story to go with it , the other day he was hiding under the table being quite, I thought it was because Grayson was asleep and he had no one to get into trouble or be noisy with .. WRONG , he was drinking the melatonin.... That day actually was ok he had a nap from 1 till 5pm...
. Hayden is always finding away to bug Grayson.. like drawing all over his face with a pen
. I can go on and on , but I won't, I kinda feel like I, making it sound like I  feel I have horrible kids , really its the opposite ..... YES they stress me out , give me gray hair literally ... but I love so many things about them its so worth it.
I love that ...they play together
.Hayden asks all worried whenever Grayson is not around " were is Grayson"
. that he call him buddy
. That they can laugh for hours together
.That they love each other so much... it makes all this boys stuff work while!

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