Monday, October 11, 2010

what im thankful for!

I love thanksgiving and the opportunity it gives me to just "Think" about the things I am thankful for, this weekend we also have Stake conference where we were also given some great food for thought. so after doing more pondering I came up with this short list of things I'm really Thankful for...
. Family support
. being a mom ( I'm so thankful that I have been in trusted and lent from heaven some of gods children, to guide teach and love )
. I'm Thankful for  good health
. I'm thankful for the Gospel that I have in my life , I would be lost with out it
. For our house that we have ( it may be small and not fancy but its more then what many people have)
. I'm thankful that we have food on our table , money to take care of our family and a husband who is will to work to provided
. My talents
.The city that we live in
. All the good example that I have in my life
. All the compassionate and good people out there in the corrupt world

I could really go on and on , I feel so blessed and I'm ........just really Thankful!

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