Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Just one of those days.....

Have you ever had just one of those days, you know the days were......
. Your day starts out great , and you think today is going to be a great day?
.Then it turns around in a matter of 10 mins to being one of the worst,where
. the kids decided to cry over everything
.you drop everything you pick up ( for me it was a large bag of flour that had a rip in it)
.One kid wants to be entertained all day , while the other one has decided to not nap
.you just want to have a shower but just can't get two minutes to yourself to do it
.you try laying your kid down for a nap again , but instead they just cry and cry some more and they just won't give in and fall asleep
. your so tired you can't keep your eyes open from the lack of sleep the night before ( and your kid is still not sleeping)
. Lunch tastes horrible
. your kid finally falls asleep , but it only last the 3 seconds it take to walk to the door and then he wakes up
. you just want to cry
. you have double booked yourself , over and over and over again.
. you wish when your husband gets home you could just say " here is the kids I'm going  to bed"
. you have to make supper, clean the house and get ready for company you have coming over tonight
. your kid is still awake and your now crying and bagging them to go to sleep
. you have the lady coming over to talk to you about financial stuff the same time , supper is done , your guests arrive , and your kids need to be brushing there teeth and in bed
. your kids are so tired but just won't go to sleep easy
. you finally get to bed at 11pm................and end up having to get up with a crying sick kid 10 mins after you fall asleep.......It was just one of those days....

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Amy said...

Gah! Thank heaven those days only happen once in a while. The good days make up for them! Yep, you need a girls night out, hint hint. :)