Thursday, October 14, 2010

Alittle late but here we go....

Here's the quick update on the McClung family life.
. General conference Sunday I decided to drop my sewing blade on my foot and slice my toe open, I tried to hide it long enough from Bradshaw that I thought It might just stop bleeding. It did not work he unwrapped my foot ( which was wrapped with a fabric headband and a tea towel) and blood gushed out I guess my plan did not work and Bradshaw quickly ran me to the ER to get it stitched up. I was so nervous I have never had stitches .....well those kinds of stitches before , and I'm a big baby and did not want them! After 3 hours I was walking out of the hospital with a huge toe with 6 stitches and a pair of crutches... and the Dr's orders to STAY off it for 10 days !!! YA right! Bradshaw did take Monday off and helped around the house, He did an awesome job , but by the end of Monday night he was more then ready to go back to work. My mom took off Tuesday and come over to help me out with the kids and Bradshaw parents took my kids for 2 night out to Magrath so I could relax... and that I did ...... I slept into 10am both morning ( which I have not done in at least 3 years) ate when I wanted and what I wanted. Watched TV ( my shows ) and worked on crafts ALL day , It really was Amazing, and I have since decided that for my birthday , Christmas , anniversary and every other holiday that qualifies I want to have a day and night all to myself with my house , a clean one and my crafts, that would be the perfect gift!

. Grayson is now Crawling all over the house, so he is into everything, the other night he was chewing on something he found in the kitchen only to find it was a dried piece of corn and a hard noodle, "sick" I obviously need to CLEAN my floors better, or put the baby gate up going into the kitchen!

. We cleaned out the yard finally, we still have so much work to get done but at least most of the leaves are picked up in our front and back yard , I'm hoping for the rest to get done this weekend.
. Hayden has finally decided that he LOVES swimming lessons , that he will not drown and that he likes his teach Melissa, so WAY to go Hayden!
Funny fact.... his teacher ask Hayden when they were playing the tree game , what kind of tree Hayden was he said " a skateboard tree".... hmm OK whatever he thinks.

.I also finally feel like I'm kinda starting to get my projects and crafts under control, I have so much to get done for the craft sales and I also decided to make all my Christmas present and I wanted to do some holiday decorating this year, I feel like Its kinda coming along! I just need another 48hours with no kids or a husband to look after. But this is just a few little projects  I was able to get done for Fall and Halloween.
O now that I look at my wreath its still not done , It need the wood letter boo glued to the bottom left side... maybe that will be added to next years projects!



Dustin, Rachelle & Jaxon Ririe said...

Cute wreath, crafty lady!

Amy said...

Very cute wreath and Fall decor!
Brett has the same swim teacher, she seems good, especially to put up with my terrified whiner of a swimmer haha.

Little Tiddy Family said...

woo so love love the wreath! its so great!! o and so fun to see ya tonight at dinner! we need to do a date night sometime!