Wednesday, October 20, 2010

9 Months Already!

Grayson is 9 MONTHS already which means 2 things
#1 He has kinda doubled his age( 9 months in my belly , 9 months out)
#2 I have officially been NOT pregnant the same length I was pregnant, which also means I have had exactly 9 months to lose what I gained!!! AND IT HAS NOT HAPPENED!!

It just flew by the second time around , I can not believe how fast the past 9 month have flown, and I don't think I have yet even gave the smallest amount of attention to losing the weight .. not that I have weighed myself since I have had Grayson ( not joking , I hate scales and NEVER use them) But I'm still not fitting into those pre pregnancy jeans or I figure I really need to pull up my socks and get to work.

My goals for the next month is ...
. watch what I'm eating ( obviously I'm not doing a very good job at that )
. I want to say NO , but I know that is not realistic so NOT as much candy ( including the open box of Halloween candy in the pantry ) , ice cream and after dinner desserts.
. I'm finally going to do it ..... I'm putting my running shoes back on and I'm going to work my butt off and get running again, I'm sure I will only make it down the street my first week but I'm hoping by the end of the month to make it around my WHOLE block !! YEAH for me ! 
. so my next goal is to GET out and start walking , go back to the gym to work out 3x a week and get my body back healthy.
. Portions portions portions .....
. and back to drinking tons of water
These are attainable right ?  not that I know a # but I'm guessing my goal is to lose 10 pounds in the next couple months !! will see how it goes ..

 Now posts suck without photos and I have been meaning to get these up so here's the photos from Kara's wedding...

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