Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What we have been up to lately


 Has been keeping me on my toes like always.... but lately he has

. started swimming lessons and day two he actually got in the water with out screaming ( Thanks to alittle bribing) so were hoping next week he might actually join the lesson rather then clenching onto the wall....

. has discovered how to throw tantrums.......everywhere

. somewhat plays with his brother , if you call wrestling with him playing

. learning how to sound out letters, but needs a little more work
Mommy "Aaaple ....AAA   Aaaple"
Hayden "aaaple"
Mommy "good try, lets try another word"
Hayden " aaadog....AAA....aaadog"
Mommy " kinda"

. has done the funniest things for example

mommy " Hayden sit still do you have ants in your pants?"
Hayden ... pulls his pants down, "no ants here"

Daddy teaching Hayden about good food for our bodies
" carrots are good for our eyes"
Hayden " ok"
Daddy milk is good for our bones and teeth
Hayden " what about cookies, there good for our mouth"


. Just keeps on growing He is now in 24 months clothing , weighs 25 pounds and is 8 months old
. He has 3 teeth fully in and 2 more poking through
. He has discovered how to eat with his hands
.He rolls around the house and scoots on his bum
.He waves when you say hi
.He has not gotten back onto his good sleeping though the night routine
.He holds his own bottle
and he is still the happiest smiliest baby around!

As for Bradshaw and I , we have moving the house around now that we have a basement we can use again...HEAVEN!
Trying to clean up the yard so were ahead of the game for winter, not picking up leaves the first snowfall like ever year.
I got a new job ... its wonderful its really my kind of job , I work 2 days a month for a podiatrist ....and love it! Thanks to Mandy!
I have been trying to get all my Christmas crafts on the way, seeing we have 1 large craft show , a fabulous Friday and were doing a homemade Christmas this year.

So we have been busy with everything under the sun this month , so I'm hoping that Oct is when things will slow down, and Bradshaw and I can actually have time to sit and watch the movie that we have now rented and taken back 2 time , and still have not watched it!

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