Sunday, September 19, 2010

Long weekend fun

Sept long weekend we did our annual McClung family trip to whitefish, It is always alot of fun and tons of work having all the kids together but well worth it. Grandma and Grandpa decided this year that they were going to rent a boat for all the grandkids  , so we ended up getting the "party boat" or the "grandpa boat"..... Or for anyone else who knows boats its also refereed to as a pontoon boat:)
It ended up being super fun , the kids loved being able to ride all day, we had tons of room to "party|" a place to eat lunch while out on the water, and even have nap time for the kids, and surprisingly it even went fast enough to pull a tube behind it , it ended up being such a hit that Grandpa and Grandma bought  one.
Im already looking forward to nice summer Sept long weekend in Whitefish!

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