Friday, September 24, 2010

A weekend for Crafts

I have decided that this weekend is going to be all about "Crafts" and I'm so looking forward to it.
WE decided this year that for Christmas we were going to do homemade Christmas , which means everything we give will be handmade with love... I'm super excited to teach the kids that Christmas is not about how much money you have or how many present you can buy for someone, but instead taking the time to make something for someone can really show them how much you love and appreciate them.  I'm also pretty sure that by doing this I will not over do it like I do ever year seeing that I will have to "make" everything with the little time I already have.

SO this week I.......
. Made up my Christmas list of things to make
.signed up for our Fabulous Craft night ( where I hope to FINISH a good portion of my presents)
. came up with my list of thing to make for this years Nov craft sale ( yes I'm crazy I'm doing it again , even though every year I say " I'm done") I'm looking forward to this one I'm going up with 3 great talented ladies , so if anything it should be fun..right?
. made my list of supplies I need to purchase in the states at Joannes

So this weekend......
. I'm going to get out my fabric and sew a couple projects I have been meaning to finish
. try to get my fall decorations up and finished
. make one of Hayden's Christmas presents
. and go to Great falls with one for my Friends for a really quick Joannes trip to pick up all my supplies...
( I'm so excited to be able to spend a couple hours in Joannes with NO husband breathing down my back , and no crying kids, Its going to be heavenly )
.  and go on a date to the lumber yard with my husband

Here some of my projects I want to get done.....


The Wolseys said...

SO cute!
I saw the pumkins on a blog and loved them. You should come out to our craft night! Next month i think we are doing hand stamped jewlery! Great christmas presents for the Grandparents!! I'm making capes for my little boy's but for halloween Blaze is being Batman and Knox is being Robin.

mbmcclung said...

I know I just heard about the craft night , what a good idea , Im bad at checking my group invites.. Next month I will have to make it!

Colin and Cynthi said...

I love your pumpkins, they are adorable! You are so creative.