Thursday, September 16, 2010

25 and counting

Wow ok so another year has come and gone and Im starting to feel it. 25 kinda hit me hard this year, that's half way to 50... holy cow. So even though I feel like I have so much time left to perfect myself i really don't .... or maybe its just that I have to many things I need to work on perfecting, so here is my list of 25 things that I want to perfect this year... or maybe just work on being better at! ( in no specific order)

1. the art of baking ( more so making bread, I really suck at it)
2. keeping a routine with my kids
3. making the beds every morning
4.  meal planning and FOLLOWING through
5. Sewing
6. Playing one on one with my kids
7. budgeting and sticking to it!
8. serving others
9. going out of my comfort zone
10. resting
11. being patient
12. Listening snowboarding skills ( staying on my feet more then my butt) personal prayers
15. Grocery shopping with 2 kids
16. trying to always be a happy person
17. the act of saying " no I'm really sorry I can't"
18.being early for everything
19. being a good friend
20.telling people how much I appreciate and love them
21. writing in my journal
22.teaching my children by example
23.putting the laundry away
24. leaving my kids with babysitters
25. doing missionary work

This should keep me busy this year!


Just Rhonda said...

Well most of those I could work on too!! Great list.

Amy said...

I agree with Rhonda, most of this list applies to my life too, good job creating an achievable list and endeavoring to be better.
And bah, 25?! Sooooo young!!!