Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Summer part 2

Like always I have a million posts I have been meaning to get up, but like always I am way behind ... so just like last month here they are all compacted into one post, so I can feel caught up!
What did we do in the summer time part 2!!

#1 redo my sister Michaela's room..... as a young woman's goal she wanted to do her room.. so I came  up with the plan and she helped make it happen ( sew, paint, glued ...) and this is how it turned out!
Excuse Bradshaw in the photo .. he has not figured our yet that he is not a model:)

This chair my parents got as a wedding present 30 years ago and were going to throw away , It was the quickest and easiest make over in the room!

#2 This summer we also took a trip to Edmonton , for one of  Bradshaw's close friends temple sealing. We had a blast as a family and really enjoyed being able to attended the sealing , thanks to auntie Kayla who came along to babysit.

#3 Whoop up days
I did it I again , every year I think , Why do we take our cranky kids in the heat to whoop up days .. and every year I say" NEXT YEAR I am NOT going"!
The kids had fun it was just hot and in the end we all ended up being cranky... mommy included!

#4 swimming in our INDOOR swimming pool....
Yes I know I'm a pretty cool mom , or so I think sometime... it was more like I was lazy and wanted to get some things down around the house, but Hayden wanted to swim in his new pool , so I blew it up then filled it with some water and the kids played for a couple hours in my living room....

Well in short I feel like I had a great summer , full of lots of family time.. but I'm looking forward to the fall and things slowing down just a little.....

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Amy said...

Haha, I love Grayson's ready to explode diaper in the last photo.
Wow, an indoor pool, that's gutsy with laminate flooring haha.
Oh, and I also loved "Bradshaw hasn't figured out he's not a model". You make me giggle. Great job on your sister's room. I had a black, white and gray room as a teen too, loved it. No red accents though, that would've been cool.