Friday, August 27, 2010

My Blessings

So last night kicked started a day of reflecting for me  ( thanks to the movie , Eat Pray Love) I found myself today engorging in with a spiritual feast and reflecting on my life. I listened to up lifting music all day , relaxed, read some awesome talks and snooped around on the lds YouTube site , and then I ended it all off with spending some great time reading and snuggling with my kids..... As I laid in bed with Hayden tonight waiting for him to fall asleep I found myself thinking about  everything I did today and how it all came back to how happy I felt with life........ and I know its because I'm so blessed. So I figured I should jot down some of my blessing I have , not to brag or boast , more so I can look back on days when my house is a disaster , my kids are grumpy , I'm sick and my life feels like its falling apart and I can remember just how blessed I really am.... so here is only ten of many blessing that I have!

#10 I'm blessed with a home over my head and all the things in life to help my family and I live a healthy strong life
#9 I'm blessed with Great friends who are wonderful example and lots of fun!
#8 I'm blessed with many wonderful talents
#7 I'm blessed to live in a place were I have many opportunities to grow and flourish
#6 I'm blessed with agency to do what what I may
#5 I'm blessed with good health
#4 I'm blessed with a wonderful supportive family
#3 I'm blessed with  the Gospel, and the knowledge I have of my saviour
#2 I'm blessed with being a wife, daughter, sister , aunt , niece , friend
#1 I'm blessed by being the greatest thing in the world a mother

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