Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer so far

I can not believe how fast summer has flown by, and because it has gone so fast I have also been horrible at keeping up with my posts. So now I have lots of catching up to get done.... so here is to post #1 out of 4 that I have to get done tonight before another week starts and I'm another month behind...

post #1  Happy late birthday Hayden.
What makes you so special.......
.You are the most loving little boy
.You say and do the funniest things

.You are such a wonderful big brother

.You give the best kisses and hugs
.You are always keeping me on my toes

.You bring so much joy and love into our family
. You teach me everyday how to be a better person

.Is that you are always willing to help anyone

. You have a smile and a personality that can light up a room
You are such a special little boy,  You mean the world to me and I am so lucky to have a wonderful little boy like you... you will always be My special little boy!
Happy 3rd birthday !

Post #2

Our summer so far in photos....
Going camping with the Hubbard's in BC
July 1 Canada day Fireworks with Grandma and Grandpa Thom
Auntie Kaylas new addition ,baby Bow
Calgary zoo trip with Maddy and Ryan
Hayden 3rd birthday party( which I recommend not to have until they are 5)
Hayden's experience as a ring bear for cousin Cassie's wedding
Playing In magrath with all our cousins
Camping with Helen in BC
 and Hayden's first train ride......
no wonder I have had no time to up date my blog, this is only the month of July!

Post #3
Brotherly Love

As of a couple days ago , we moved Grayson into Hayden's room , so they can share a room now. Hayden thought this was a wonderful Idea , so now he can "keep a close eye on him".
Lately the two of them have been inseparable, He has recently also taken on the responsibility  to update me on Graysons status every 5 Min's.
" mommy Grayson spit up"
"He fell over, again"
" He is drinking his bottle...... He is not drinking his bottle"
" Mommy he is crying" ....... and on and on and on!
But they really do get along great and I can already see how much Grayson looks up to Hayden and loves him and just how much Hayden loves Grayson and will take care of him.

Post #4
Growing like a weed

Grayson is growing like a weed , lately ....
He has taken a liken to swimming, and in any kind of water..
He can sit up all by himself
He is a wonderful sleeper... and is now sleeping 8-10 hours in the night straight!
hahah what a horrible picture, but if you look closely you can see his first tooth.... and now he has tooth #2,#3 and #4 coming in.....

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