Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A week in Magrath

Here's our week in Magrath in photos...
Hayden was so funny he wandered around the house handing us pretend things off this toy , finally we asked him what is this your giving us and he replied the sacrament , here's the bread and water. What a imagination
 kids have.
Working out with mommy, which only happened one time the whole week , even with all that extra time I had!

We did get some treats made for our camping trip the following week , just non of the ones I was planing on trying out.
And the most interesting part of our Magrath stay was when Bradshaw decided to go off roding the Sunday after it rained for 5 days straight. He had some extra time before he had to meet me with the chicken breast for dinner, so he though , why not go for a nice Sunday drive, in the middle of a field.. I know SO STUPID!! and well he was 1 hour late and had to walk home in his good church clothes with my now thawed chicken breast.... and every tow truck that came would not come near him to pull him out.. So Thank you once again to his cousin and friend who also was stupid enough to get stuck there the night before and new how to pull him out.....
as his aunt put it boys will be boys and so will men!!

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