Thursday, June 24, 2010


So I'm coming to the end of my 8 days here in Magrath and thought I would report back to let everyone know who read my last post .. I did nothing that I wanted to get done!! Please someone explain how that happens!! Though I did have alot of great things happen this week, and I have tons of great photos to go with it but you will just have to wait till next week when I get back from my camping trip just to see how CRAZY this past week really has been.... Just a small idea for you of what we went through, Bradshaw drove into a ditch ( on purpose I might add) trying to have some off roading fun and found himself sinking in mud and water... more details to come!! like aunt Shelia said "boys will be boys and so will some men" that's my husband in the short of it ! Anyways I'm busy trying to pack , clean a house , make lunch and get everything ready for camping in less then 2 hrs so I should run, but I will be back on Tuesday with a much needed update on life, stay tuned!

O and I must add , that in all the craziness I have had a few moments when Grayson was not screaming and Hayden was hiding in the corner ( which means he was pooping) to reflect on my life... Its 4 years today that I have been married.. and I would not trade anything in my life.. including my amazing , helpful , honest ,hardworking , loving husband!! so happy anniversary !

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Just Rhonda said...

ah happy Anniversary! And it sounds like a fun 8 days!! have fun camping!