Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Projects Projects Projects!

I am the biggest procrastinator ever , I love to come up with new ideas for my house or redoing something but it take me FOREVER to follow trough and complete something so I must say this might seem like nothing to you but this is huge for me to accomplish a couple projects. I have been trying to get them done for months now... and on top of it we had Bradshaw's cousin wedding this past week in which I was put in charge of flowers , helping with decorations and the cake.
This was $2 Garage sale buy that I recovered to match my kitchen and sewed some extra pillows to match
My $1 store chalkboard vinyl and cork board to match my bench
Don't look at my messy fridge another projects for another day!
Hayden's Bedroom is still a work in progress slowly getting there...
His craft work closet , he calls it his office...
The wedding decorations cake and flowers...

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