Monday, July 12, 2010

One of those days ...

So today was just one of those days... my day went as followed

Grayson was awake at 6.45am
Hayden followed 10 mins later only because he had wet through his diaper onto his bed
Got breakfast ready and cleaned the house
Attempted to potty train Hayden
Put  Grayson down for a nap
Cleaned up at least 4 accidents off the floor , which was followed by at least 5 loads of laundry
Returned the wrong diapers to Walmart and bought new ones
Attempted to get Hayden on the toilet at Walmart so we did not have an accident , in which I walked into the men's washroom to find a old man peeing .... just what I wanted to see!
Tried the women's but no go ...with Hayden cried , Grayson was crying... I was almost crying!
Bought a little potty to stay in the van
Hayden went potty in his new pot in the parking lot of walmart .. HURRAY!!
Feed Grayson in the van
Went to Costco to pick up two things ...walked out hour and half later with $100 spent .... and a hot dog and fries for lunch.
Dropped of  Bradshaw lunch to him at work
Went to Sobeys to pick up $1 days grocery's
Finally Grayson fell asleep in the cart after more then enough crying
Attempted to get Hayden to pee in his potty again .. no luck this time
Went to the bank
Went to Michael's for Haydens birthday supplies  ( in which Hayden had his first public accident in the middle of the store ) I also had no more underwear or pants seeing he had already got his other pair wet from when he actually peed in the potty ... He kinda missed the pot and peed all over his clothes .... so I ended up putting everything back and got them out to the car
Changed Grayson diaper in the car to find poop all over his back and legs
Drove home , Hayden feel asleep , Grayson cried the whole way home
Nicest part of the day , Hayden slept , Grayson slept and mommy slept ......... for 20 mins
Dad came home !!! YAH just in time to clean up pee
Ran to the mall to get the tie and 2 wedding presents for this weekend
Got the kids packed up to go for dinner at Shannon's and Mikes
Realized we forgot Hayden's shoes and the salad
Had another accident..... and another dirty diaper
Came home put GRayson asleep
Went to the gym to release some stress
Came home to a super clean house , Thanks to a wonderful husband and a little boy who is wide awake .... still ... now more then anything I just want to crawl into bed and go to sleep .....cause it was just one of those days!!


Amy said...

Yep, that was a doozy for ya. We all have them, thankfully the good days outweigh the bad.

The Wolff Den said...

Oh my word Megan, what a brutal day!I tried potty-training Zach a few months ago and finally put it on hold because it was driving me crazzzzzy! I'm pretty sure that's one task of motherhood that will put my sanity in question!!