Wednesday, June 16, 2010

updating once again

So as of today we are out in Magrath, and I'm not to sure how long I will last before I go crazy.... no its not that bad... but I am alittle worried that I might go a little stir crazy . Were out staying at Bradshaw parents house for 8 days while there on vacation... were watching that house and the girls for them. Hayden's really excited to sleep over and to tell you the truth I have big plans for my stay out here.....see last time we were out here in Feb watching the house I found myself alittle bored, other then I had a new baby to keep me busy , I did not know what to do. At my house I'm usually busy doing laundry , cleaning , organizing some room or just running around town getting things done I have no time to do anything I enjoy like scrapbooking or crafty things ..... so this time I'm more prepared , I made Bradshaw load up all my scrapbooking stuff , my sewing machine and fabric , my FHE kits and all the projects I have started already , so that the next 8 days I will be plenty busy with getting all my crafts done .. O and their are a couple recipes I want to also try so , as you can see I am kinda excited for our stay here.... now if the sun would just come out I could ship Hayden outside in there big backyard to play!

So here's a few things I'm excited to try out while I'm here.....
sweet and spicy chicken Lettuce wraps
Banana walnut chocolate chip cookies
A sling purse out of this really cute fabric I got in the states
and along with these, I want to get done Hayden's scrapbook , start Graysons first 5 months , finish the Jean rag quilt and make a quite book for Hayden so will see how productive I can be !


The Wolseys said...

Megan! You could alway's come over and visit our house! Or come craft with me! I've got my projects going sinces it's so crappy and raining out! Blahhhh.

Just Rhonda said...

Great looking recipes and LOVE that purse!

Amy said...

Oooh, so ambitious! I hope you post after the week's over to show what you accomplished.