Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Growing all to fast..

So I'm starting to feel that both my boys are just growing way to fast, I want time to just stand still for awhile.
Grayson is not only a whooping 20 pounds now he has also discovered his hands.... EVERYTHING he can get his hands on goes right to his mouth, which means I now have to be a little more on guard with watching what he gets into. I forgot that even though they can't crawl they still get into everything.. so recently I have found him sucking on Hayden's dirty shoe, one of his wet diapers( I changed him left the diaper on the floor next to him to get up and grab the phone to find he had grabbed it and was sucking on it ...  I know so sick .. I feel like a horrible mother) .. He has also discovered how to blow bubbles with his spit , and last but not least he has recently found his little friend and he just won't leave it alone, which means his clothes now get to stay on 24/7..
As for Hayden his vocabulary now consists of  No Thank you instead of   No way.. So now instead of "Hayden you need to go to bed....No Way mommy .. he says No thanks mommy" Hayden you need to come eat dinner.. No Thanks" Or Hayden its time to have a bath ..." mmm No Thanks"  how do you tell him good job using manners but that's not going to work for ya ...get in the bath!!

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Amy said...

Hahaha, his "little friend", too funny!