Wednesday, June 2, 2010


So Yesterday I had a dentist apt, See with my husband working in the dental industry I have to put on the I'm not scared of the dentist face when I have to get work done .. BUT the truth is I HATE the dentist , I hate getting my teeth cleaned and I HATE needles even if there little tiny ones in the mouth. So Yesterday I had an apt to get my tooth pulled , I had a root canal go bad and it needed to be be pulled out cause it was falling apart..then I had a little tiny filling next to the bad tooth that needed to be filled.. So for about a week I prepared myself for the simple quick procedure. Most the day yesterday I had to continually remind myself that the little needle I was going to get was a piece of cake compared to the epidural I got 4 months ago BUT  I still found myself sick to my stomach when I thought about 2 o'clock...... I get to the dentist office , they freeze me ( which was not that bad ) and I think OK the worst is over I won't be able to feel a thing now and it will be quick .. well my 45 min apt turned into 2.5 hours. when they opened the tooth for the filling the tooth next to it was so infected that I was pouring blood , they could not see what they were doing , they could not stop the bleeding and the filling paste would not stick... then when they went to get the tooth pulled it just would not come out.. It felt like they were hammering my tooth out of my head.... now I must tell you , I really do have the best dentist in the whole world. Nothing against him he does amazing work! It just happened that my teeth did not want to cooperate that day ... so now I'm  now living off T3's and ibuprofen  to take the swelling done ..... on the plus side I'm thinking this is the answer to losing those extra 20 pounds of baby weight, seeing I can't eat anything let alone open up my mouth!

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