Monday, May 17, 2010

A Wonderful Mothers day...

Well I have got to say that I had a wonderful Mothers day this year... I really could not of asked for anything better..... Though I do think they should move mothers day to any day other then Sunday, see Sundays are the worst possible day to have a relaxing enjoyable mothers day, our Sundays usually go as followed.
6.30 am Alarm
6.45 am Alarm
7am Alarm
7.30am finally roll out of bed and jump in the shower
7.45 am Grayson wakes screaming ( only happens on Sundays its like he know we have to go to church )
8.00am Feed Grayson change him into his church clothes
8.15am Yelling at Bradshaw to get up and get the church bag packed for Hayden
8.20am blow dry my hair , put on my make up and eat at the same time
8.30 am Hayden wakes up and is whining and grumpy and moving much slower then any other day
8.35am change Gayden again do to the throw up that is now all over his first set of church clothes
8.36am Fighting with Hayden to get his church clothes on quickly.....
8.37am popping in some toast for Hayden while running after him with the comb
8.38am throwing on some church clothes
8.40am Changing my church clothes again cause there spit up on my shirt
8.41am Yelling at Bradshaw to get out of the bathroom " you look fine"
8.42am get Grayson in the car seat and Haydens shoes on
8.43am Head out the door
8.44am come back in side the house for the diaper bag, scriptures, soother and whatever else I forgot
8.45 am come back into the house to yell at Bradshaw one more time to get in the car...
8.50 am Arrive at church as a happy family!

Now mother day was about the same other then when I was in the shower Bradshaw was scrambling around the house trying to make a card at the last minute for me with Hayden... so when I got it It had some nice dandelions inside that were still wet from the morning due.. how nice....
But church was great .. and even better when I got home Bradshaw let me lay done for a 3 hour nap, then we had left over bbq ribs and rice from the night before Mother days dinner...
But the best part of mothers day was , making some cookies with Hayden and then watching chitty chitty bang bang in my pjs with my boys.. I really do love being a mom and I would not trade it for the world.. Though I really do think we should change the day we celebrate our mothers to one that can be just alittle more relaxing.

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Amy said...

Haha, love the photo! Brett's sitting beside me and says, "Hayden's yucky, he need a bath".
8:35 a.m. you combined Hayden's and Grayson's name to Gayden, too funny!
Yes, Sundays are crazy, until (well for us at least) we get home and have our nap. I loved this post, so truthful, it's a crazy scramble to get to church and then we get in the building and put on a happy calm family appearance haha.
I think for the rest of the world that doesn't go to church, Sundays are a relaxing or fun day, and must be a perfect choice for Mother's Day.