Monday, May 10, 2010

A boys bestfriend.....

Most of us have heard the saying a mans best friend is his dog......Well that was true in every way for Hayden and Koda. See Koda and Hayden were born only days apart and they instantly grew to love each other. Koda was easy going ,with the most loving nature.  When Hayden was little and just learning to crawl and walk , Koda followed very close behind protecting his every move. He watched out for him and loved to snuggle close to him. As Hayden grew it turned the other way around , much to Kodas dismay , Hayden could not leave Koda alone , He always had to be playing with him, petting him , following his every move.. He grew to love him .. His favourite thing was to sneak him doggie treats when know one was looking , or put his lease on him and take him for walks in the house or just cuddle him in bed while he watched a show..... He loved going to Grandmas house just so he got to see Koda!
Now Today we got to see a little how life works... all in one day we got to see a  life begin and a life end... and I found it was me who had a hard time saying good bye to a silly but loving dog ... .. But children are so perfect and understanding. Even though Hayden cried when we told him his friends had suddenly left us it was him who informed me it would be OK because  Koda was with Jesus and Heavenly Father going for a walk.

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