Monday, May 17, 2010

To Cute...

Well I have been meaning to get on her this past week and do some updating , but I just have not seem to find any time, I have been to busy ... SO I decided instead of getting some sleep I would blog at 11.20 at night ..... Anyways this past week Hayden seems to have come up with the funniest things so I thought I should share a few...

Hayden " mommy whats this ?"
Mommy " well thats a flower called a tulip"
Hayden " o ok"
Later that night Hayden and daddy were playing outside...
Hayden pointing to the flowers" Daddy this is a onelip, twolip, threelip.

Mommy and Hayden were playing outside...
mommy "Hayden do you know were Koda is?"
Hayden ." yep in heaven"
couple minutes later he come running up to me with a squished lady bug
Hayden" mommy mommy this bug died just like Koda."

Mommy "Hayden do you know that babies come from Heaven? Grayson lived there before her came to live here with us."
Hayden " Mommy I know .......... Im sad"
Mommy " your sad Grayson he here with us?"
Hayden  " No I miss heaven"

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Amy said...

Awwww Hayden! Good for you to journal those cute moments!