Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The wedding dress..

YES I did .. I found my wedding dress! Some might not have a clue what Im talking about ... see I borrowed my wedding dress. I was lucky that my best friends sister in law had a dress , we all loved it and thought it was beautiful ... so I was lucky enough to borrow it on my wedding day. I though have always regretted not buying my dress .. and still do I always wanted to have my dress hanging in the closet like every other girl. And I always wanted to redo my wedding photos but never had the dress to do it... Until now .. I stopped into a thrift store one day to look for something for an activity and what did I find .. MY wedding dress.. well it was not mine cause it was new with the tags on it and well it as a couple sizes bigger then the one I wore .... sniff sniff.. but either way it was the exact same dress .. I could not decided what to do about it... so I bought it .. 100$ later and I had my dress new with tags ... and I was so excited .. I went right to Bradshaws work to let him know the awesome news .. which as you could imagine was more like a .."OOOO ok , I guess that's good.. but why?" he will never get it, see now I'm the girl that has a wedding dress hanging in her closet was so fun to bring it home and try it on and play dress up..Hands down my best thrift store by ever!

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