Thursday, February 6, 2014

The piano....

This story cracks me right up every time I think about it . So Bradshaw and I always new we wanted to get a piano in the home for our kids to start taking lessons .. and so all I had to do was find the one right? ..... well it was in much luck cause someone in our old ward had a big heavy upright to give away.. Now I was trying to be nice and find one that was smaller but when a deal comes you got to just take it right? well I actually found 2 pianos .. so I quickly contacted the other McClungs to let them know about my awesome deal if they wanted one .... Sheighla , told me there is NO way Clayton will haul a piano in her house .. so I get off the phone and call Clayton without him knowing ,I ask him for the favour to move a piano .. and  being the GREAT guy that he is he says sure I can help ...that might have not been the smartest choice and it may or may not be a small bone of contention in there marriage , as he came on over and moved my piano , that was going to go in his house but he did not want to move it into his .. haha YEP he is a McClung... and my husband if he would have known more then 5 mins before we went to pick it up he would have also said the same things .. But we did end up getting the Very heavy piano up the stairs thanks to all the great help!

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