Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The things I hate.... pregnancy journal

I must say I'm still feeling pretty good , so this list will be pretty minor in the complaining compartment... BUT I  will do another one a couple weeks before the due date and well hold on cause I'm one miserable , grumpy lady!

Third trimester always brings out the things I hate in a pregnancy, but as  I said I feel pretty good still ...but here is my small list of things I hate about third trimester pregnancy...

. Lack of sleep
. Lack on energy
. the extra weight you are starting to feel in your stomach
. my temper and mood change
. the constant movement and punching and kicking you get from the inside
. the uncomfortable feeling you always have

I have to say just to clarify .. .. I think people often wonder cause I'm so miserable the last little while ...why I'm pregnant! I love having my babies , I love newborns , I love being a mom... I just really dislike being pregnant.. I'm not a fan of any of it really!

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Amie said...

I totally agree. The only part of pregnancy I enjoyed was feeling the baby move. But I pretty much hated the rest of it. I definitely like having my baby out of me... I do not look forward to getting pregnant again. Hopefully you are able to get lots of rest!! You look really great by the way!!