Sunday, January 15, 2012

Happy birthday Grayson...

I can not believe how quick time flies , I feel like I was just in the hospital with Grayson holding him in my arms....and here he is a wild, fun loving, busy little boy!

Here is just some of my favourite things about Grayson at 2....
. He loves his blanket, He carts it around the house, sleeps with it and loves bring it to you for a quick snuggle.
. Grayson , Loves to read, he is forever bringing you books to look at and read with him
. He also loves to color , its his new favourite thing... the only problem is that he likes to color on everything .. so you have to watch him  or your walls , and doors and floors will be colored on also.
.He loves to sing , but only knows a few words from a couple songs .... go Diego go Diego go Diego ......and frosty the snowman, happy soul..... over and over...
. He calls Hayden ..Haydnee

. He loves to pay alone , with his cars and as long as  his big brother is not around ,  he is actually pretty quiet and well mannered.... but you put the two together then ..WATCH out !!
. Grayson would eat cereal all the time 4 times a day if you let him...
. He is still on almond milk and off of all milk... but he seems to not mind
. He STILL has his sooz...( soother ) which we have been wanting to take away for months now.. but Bradshaw and I have been putting it off.....
. He can be the busiest little boy ever, he does not sit in a shopping cart  he stands up, he like to run away from you in the most inconvenient times ( like waiting in line to pay , or when your hands are full with things),
. He has the loudest scream I have ever heard , It usually comes out around nap and bed time when he is more the tired and does not want to cooperate.
. He also can not whisper , he plays loud and talks loud.... times like during church seems to be when he is the worst ! no concept of volume!
. He eats 24/7 He is always wants snacks ..
. He is the most cuddly , loving , sweet little boy... he loves to give kisses ( were he does not touch his lips on your skin , just makes the smacking sound)
. He loves to wrestle , get piggy back and horse rides from his daddy
. He loves to follow Hayden around and DRIVE him crazy...and Hayden loves to drive Grayson crazy back...

 Hayden thought it would be a good idea to write him a note ..... so here is our notes to Grayson....

Hayden says this about Grayson.....I like loving him, and going swimming with him. I love Grayson because....I get to play with him.

Mommy says ... Grayson I love you so much , your my little man that drives me crazy some days.... I have also enjoyed watching you learn and grow, I love our snuggles that we have together and your funny personality .. you are always cracking me up with the things you say and do.. your a special little boy and I'm so glad your part of our family ... with you here will never be a boring moment !! You really do help make our little family special!

Daddy says... Dear Grayson, have a happy birthday. I love you lots even when you drive me crazy. Everyday that you get older I miss more and more little things that I know you'll never do or say again. I'm happy to see you grow up and it's fun to see you learning new things but I treasure the moments that we've had so far with you. You're a little treasure!

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