Monday, January 9, 2012

Pregnancy Journal...

HOLY COW .. I went to my doctors last week and I sat down and he said alright it looks like your 27 weeks and have about 12 and some to go ... and  I thought right then I was going to have a heart attack... I informed him when he took my blood pressure if it was seeming alittle high it was because my heart was raising a million miles a second... I have not given the time of this pregnancy much thought..  I have just gone about my days feeling pretty good, busy with life, kids ,church, sickness and such that it feels like it has just flown by.. I swear I just got out of the first trimester and entered my second a couple days ago, but I guess I was little off, so here's to the third trimester, may it last little longer cause I'm just NOT ready for this baby to be added to the family yet, but mostly just not ready to push it out!

Its been a while since I have posted , regarding the last post ... I did not find out what I was having .... Hayden wants another boy now.. I have my guesses but who knows, I guess being only 12 weeks away I should maybe start to give names a thought but I have not even began to think about that.... soon maybe I will search out the top girls and boys list and start the hunting process.

Here is a couple things that are going on with the pregnancy, the baby is moving around much more now, still nothing like either of my other kids. Hayden felt it for the first time today , he thought that was pretty cool! my leg spasms are back and o how I did not miss you... I always start to get them close to the end , and with out fail most night I have a visit from them , were I get to try not to scream out in pain... o how I love them! I also have had a hernia since the beginning of my pregnancy , its right above my belly button , but this last week of being super sick and coughing 24 hours combined with my efforts to get things done around the house, it has gotten pretty bad and really sore.... so I will wait it out try to rest and not lift things and at the next apt they will check it again, I need to try and take a easy other wise I'm going to end up on bed rest.... wonderful news I thought , seeing when your a busy mom of two boys .... how do you get any rest or take an easy? If you know the secret please inform me !
 This last week I also had my blood sugar tested for diabetes, the nurse asked me how I liked it , I told her it was my third time and that I actually love the test ,she looked at me confused , I explained I hated the taste of the juice , I was not a big fan of the blood work , BUT I got to bring a book and read uninterrupted for 1 hour ... that is totally worth it!
 I was pleasantly surprised last week when I weighed in I had only gained 5 pounds over 5 weeks and Christmas , It always is interesting with me , cause both boys I hit 200 on the dot , both I carried 100% different , Grayson I looked like I had to be at least 20 pounds bigger.. so I'm interested is seeing how this one turns out ,, I still have 35 pounds to hit that mark but hey 12 weeks I would not be surprised if that did happen..though I feel much smaller with this one then my other two!

In preparation to having the baby come , we bought a bunk bed last week and moved the boys in together, we were alittle scared with having to make the move with Grayson , from out of his crib to a big boy bed ( its a double on the bottom , so a big boy bed it really is) but he has done great.... he goes right to sleep , does not get out of his bed.. or has not yet , even nap time which I was alittle nervous about has been amazing, Its just like the crib , I put him down give him his blanket and kiss and walk out ... he goes to sleep .. Hayden also loves being on the top bunk , so far everything has gone smoothly! now that Grayson is out of his room I have started painting it ... I have hated the green ever since I put it up 2 years ago , so I'm glad to be painting over it !!

That's really about it for pregnancy news... nothing really to some pictures... the one of me was about 3 weeks ago...

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