Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Life to just to short.... food for thought!

Today I attended the funeral for a friends mother. It was completely unexpected an accident that just did not seem fair. I pondered on my thoughts most of the weekend and then found myself at the funeral contently listening to the words that were spoken about this wonderful lady. It brought many feelings and thoughts close to the surface as I sat and pondered about my own life.... how life is just so short a mirror second in an eternity. This time we have on earth is o but short .... and sometimes it ends even sooner for some then others. Before you know it your kids are grown , your old and sick and your time is up.... for others it does not even last that long... How are we going to choose to live that short time that we have here? I listened to loved ones talk about there mother, sister, wife and friend and the life that she lived .. one of love ,service, talents, joy, optimism, faith, and a desire to do good. I could not help but ask myself , if I have these same qualities , would people have good to say about me if my time was but up, would I have touched peoples lives like she did, and will my family feel like my times was used for things that were important?  I really feel that I came away with a knowledge about what life is about... the things that are important in this short journey we have here on earth..
This family did not have a large house , with fancy cars , tons and tons of money ... they were an average family who worked , and saved and  spent time together... Her kids today did not thank there mom for the money she spent on them , the large trips they took , the expensive things in there home,the fancy high paying jobs they had, but they Thanked her for the "time" she spent with them , the things that she taught them through her example, the love she gave them every day .... this is whats important in life... I want to put aside the things that just don't matter anymore.. I want to love , teach , and spend time with my loved ones... you never know when yours is up.... when your taken from this earth... its o but so short and I want to make sure I use every second I have with things that are important in life.... When my time is up will I be thankful for the way I lived, for the big house with a pretty things inside, for the new vehicles I own, or will I be happy about the riches I have in my bank.?... I think not .. I think I will look at my children and the way I raised them,  the trials I was able to conquer, the time I spent with my family, the memories I made with those I loves... and the service I gave to others.....

so I guess along with my other New years goals for 2012.. I want to focus on the "important " stuff... the things that really matter in life, the things my children , husband, siblings and anyone else I know and love ...will remember and keep close to them, those are the things that matter and will be kept close after you pass on!                           Just some food for thought!

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