Thursday, November 24, 2011

To know or not to know? Pregnancy Journal....

Well today is finally here my day to go to my ultra sound.. Up to this point I have not been really that excited about going. The only reason I was super pumped was I thought maybe by seeing the baby , I would really start to feel pregnant... but this week I did also start to feel this babe move around a little more ( nothing compared to my other two )... now the next question is do I find out what I am having? Or do I wait?

See part of me says this baby is a girl it has to be cause I feel so different with this one... but I have no special mom intuition that tells me, either way I'm 100% on the fence and have no idea... Its just I was way more sick with this one , by now I was WAY bigger with my other two, I had been feeling them move for like a month already, and this week is really the first time I felt a little movement .. so I want to think its got to be different .... but If I find out and its a boy.. I'm afraid I will be one grumpy lady for the next 20 weeks ... and well that would not be good for anyone , I'm already grumpy as it is the last part of my pregnancy!!
so I'm stuck trying to figure out what I should do , If I should give into my curiosity and find out or wait ( which I know I will happier for , unless its a girl and I can start buying clothes ....that would make me pretty darn happy) Or Hayden told me today I need to bring home a picture of the baby so he can tell me if its a boy or girl! what to do what to do ???