Tuesday, March 22, 2011

We just can't wait for....

SPRING SPRING SPRING!! this past couple days have felt like spring might just be around the corner... and we are all getting excited and very antsy for the warmer weather. ( even wore flip flops and Capri's the other day.... note to everyone its still little chilly for that) But some of the things we just can't wait for is..

#1 Camping.....Hayden has informed us every morning when he looks out the window that the snow was melted so we can now go camping.  We hope to do lots of it this year...Bradshaw hopes it will be in a new ( new to us , which means old very old ) Trailer .. but will see I will be happy to just go with the kids..plus whats camping unless your in a tent right?

#2 Flip flops , I love them I live in them and I CAN"T wait for them!! Soon I hope

#3 good food on the BBQ this ONE  or THIS or mmmmTHIS ONE so many good things to try ...

#4 Holidays , Every year we head to Las Vegas in June , it started with us going on our honey money June 24 , then on holidays every year after we have taken our kids sometime in the end of June ...this year we will be going for a Beeville dental  hygiene reunion and were so excited to see our friends from school.

#5 Were also looking forward to going on some family bike rides.. I'm super excited cause last year in Sept I bought myself in the states the sweetest bike , my back does not even hurt when I ride it ... but I only got to ride it one time before it got to cold and It had to go into the shed.. So I'm excited to bring it out and go with a bike ride with Hayden ( on his also new bike)
#6 Playing at the beach.... I have to admit since Bradshaw and I have moved back from Texas we dream almost every other night about something there.. one thing that I miss so much is the beach..the sand the warm ocean, the big waves...ooo how we miss that.. so our little beach that we found that reminds us kinda of the Texas beach is surveyors lake in BC , the sand is pretty soft the water is warm cause its a small lake.... and well OK its nothing like South Padrea Island ... but the kids love it we love that the kids love it and its something we can not wait to go do !

#7 BOATING .. and I'm so excited about Bradshaw parents new boat they bought .. and the thing is every year I'm pregnant or just had a baby so tubing has been out... and this year I will be able to go .. YAHOO.. so for all those wondering if I will be pregnant by the summer the answer is NO .. I'm playing on the boat!

#8 Flowers .. I love green grass, Pretty flowers in everyones flower garden. and green full trees...

so on that note all the snow that just fell , I think its time to go so all the things were excited for this spring came happen!!!

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Amy said...

Funny, I was just feeling the same way the other day, so anxious for warm weather.