Thursday, March 24, 2011

boy O boy ...

So here's a quick update of the boys

. Hayden is currently NOT wanting to sleep in his bed, he only wants to sleep with me , which means bedtime has been a horrible battle this past couple weeks , and I usually end up sleeping with him almost all the way through the night.

. Grayson is now running everywhere.....and still into everything , so if you put the two together it make our life 100% more crazy then before which I did not think could happen...

. Grayson also climbs up on EVERYTHING .. and things I don't even know how he can get into he does...
( example) last week when I was at work, the kids were playing down stair and Bradshaw all of a sudden heard Hayden screaming and Grayson then crying , He new right away from the cry something was wrong , he ran down stairs to find Hayden freaking out and Grayson stuck in the stove which had fallen on him ( OK I know this sounds like horrific , and it kinda was but Bradshaw does not remember the details , he said he just grabbed the stove with one hand and lifted as he grabbed grasyon with other other) OK but the reason I'm telling the storey is cause IT all started with Grayson pulling down the oven door and climbing onto it and that's how it fell. See what I mean he is into EVERYTHING he has no fears that kid , which also means my blood pressure and anxiety level has risen in the past 3 months!!

.Hayden is growing up and turning into a little boy...  he wants to make his own food , use a fork and knife ,pour his own drinks, he does not want me to help him at the pool , he closes the door when he is in the bathroom , he now likes to spend time in his room alone with his door shut... and his door must be shut at all times! I did no think that one would come until he was at least 10 ... I have found I'm always aloud in with him though if I just " ask nicely, or come into play"

. Grayson says " mommy" now and it is the greatest feeling in the whole world.. if he can not find me then he walks around the house saying mommy..momma ....mommy! He also does the best ramble , were he thinks he is actually talking .. to funny!

. Grayson LOVES phones , he carries ours around and talks into it all day long , any time it rings he come running to bring it to me.

.Hayden and Grayson and learning to play together , which is so nice .... 9 times out of 10 though there playing together turns into fighting , getting into something , someone getting  hurt or screaming... but the 1 time is super nice when they just play!

.Hayden loves sunbeams , he gave his first "talk" in the microphone couple weeks ago, It was really a scripture but he was so excited.. He practiced and Practiced so he could say it by himself and then on the day we realized it was the wrong one were had been practicing .. oops as I was whispering the right on into his ear to repeat he just keep saying the moses chapter 1 vs 39.... ( the one he had practiced ) either way he did just great!

.Grayson has completely demolished our lab top, he loves the thing it does not matter how high I put it he gets to it , and picks the keys off...I think all my recent gray hairs are coming from him!!

.Hayden has taken up Knock Knock jokes ... I have no idea what any of them mean.. he just makes up the most ridiculous things .... " knock knock... who is there... banana... banana who..... banana and a cow and a spoon and cookie.... haha that's funny hey mom! .......ummmm ya Hayden pretty funny!

A quick up date for Bradshaw and I ..... ummmmm lets see... ummm nothing ! how exciting I know, that's our life ... O we have recently redone of Bedroom .. I LOVE IT !! I still have a couple things to do .. but I will blog about it and some of the fun projects I did in it ( made a headboard out of one of our old doors... made a super cute jewelery hanger out of a spoon holder.... and I found this amazing mirror at the thrift store for $5 and Its so beautiful!




Just Rhonda said...

:) Little boys are stressful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marie said...

This was a fun update on your boys. It is good to have it all written down.

And I can't wait to see all that you've been crafting for your bedroom. Especially the door headboard!