Sunday, February 13, 2011

Way to early....

Grayson has been getting up way to early lately....and its killing me!

Actually, I really shouldn't husband is the one who should be complaining! He has been trying to study for this course that he is taking and he's down to the final days before it starts. And even after he gave me a big lecture last night about how he needs to study all day today, he watched Grayson this morning while I went back to bed and slept for another hour! I'm so LUCKY!! OK Bradshaw found my post this morning that I was in the middle of  writing and felt the need to "help" me write it! Thanks honey!

Anyways what I was saying was He has been getting up so early and I really do feel like it is killing me. Hayden would sleep until at least 7,30 and now if its quite it will sleep into 8 -8.30ish. NOT Grayson he is ready to go some mornings at 5.45am... most days if I'm lucky its 6.15am. o and when Grayson wakes up he is up ... full of energy and ready to go ....which I'm  so not like! So most mornings I drag my butt and get nothing done , then drag my butt some more then finally in the afternoon I get alittle energy to try to get something done around the I need to make a plan. I feel like I'm not using this time in a positive way .... like ready my scriptures of working out or writing on my blog.. this is the time I should be trying to accomplish things so in the afternoon and during Hayden's "quite" and Graysons nap I can also relax or sleep..
So I'm going to try to turn over a new leash and be positive when he wakes up that early and just say " o how nice now I can get up and start my day lucky am I!" hahah YA RIGHT!! but I am going to try alittle harder to do at least 1 thing during our time together to accomplish something .....than maybe I can work my way up to more things!

But I will leave you some pictures of Grayson ...cause he is so cute which does make it so much easier to get up with him at 6am.....

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Scott said...

love the housecoat!