Thursday, February 10, 2011

Projects for 2011

For the past couple months I have been with out my sewing machine , mine decided to just "Stop" working one day in Dec.. But it was OK at the time because I was so busy sewing felt playhouse and rag quilts for Christmas presents that I was kinda burnt out from doing any kind of sewing projects for  awhile..... and my break has been a nice one that's for sure..BUT not on these cold and snowy days were I just don't want to leave my house I find myself missing my sewing machine.... so I borrowed my sister in laws for alittle while so I can get working on some super cute projects that I have found this past month.... YAH!! so excited I have been itching to get working on "crafts" again.... so here some super cute things I have found online that I want to try out this week and next week when I'm husband less for 5 days.....that's will be another post and disaster waiting to happen....but for now

Check out these super cute valentines
and at the same time check out the heart warmer gifts cute eh!

for young women's a couple weeks ago we made sock monkeys with the girls like this one
I got mine cut out and that is about it so now that I have a sewing machine Im going to try to whip one up for the boys on the machine instead of by hand...kinda lazy I know! heres the directions to try it out also..

I also need to recover my kitchen chairs and my  $8 thrift store chair , with this fabulous sale fabric I found excited about that..

These just make me excited for the summer , maybe that's why I want to try them out so bad in hopes that it will bring some summer into my home...
Check out these pudding pop recipes....there is so many good ones like strawberries and cream , pina colada...yummy!

OK EVERYTHING about this blog is amazing , I can sit on it for hours and get some awesome idea for your home if your into redoing or decorating as much as I am... So what I want to do with it is redo Hayden's room ( he wants a skateboarding room) not sure yet how I'm going to do that...and I want to redo my bathroom upstairs put up some more decorations and things in my bedroom to finish it off.. maybe re paint I'm kinda getting board of the color in there... haha ok I'm getting way ahead of myself honestly I would be Lucky to get one thing done this week and that's hang a picture up... but you can't help but get excited when you check out this blog

I never have a list that ends but for today this is the last things I will be posting that  I want to get done. I LOVE accessories I have so many, But I'm really into the homemade elegant vintage look right now, and last week when I was thrift store shopping I found some awesome beads and lace so I want to spend some time making some jewellery close to this one...and I have also decided that I have no were cute to store all the stuff I will be making so Im going to also make this super cute hanger for my room...

OOO almost forgot the ont thing I was really excited to do with the sewing machine was take all my old clothes and make new ones with them...I bought a few things like a black dress from the gap for $4 that I wanted to take in and also I wanted to take my old down east shirt cause I have WAY TO many and make them into these awesome shirts like she did with hers...

I know so cute ... Now I better stop wasting time and get working I have created a long list and I should really get something done of it!

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