Thursday, February 3, 2011

Just thinking

It does not happen much in our home were I get to sit down in quite and ......just think! So here's in case your interested in what I'm thinking about these days...
* How much work my boys are........and how its worth it
* IF we should be staying in our home alittle longer to save more and pay off more debit or just do it and buy again?
*What I'm going to make for supper
* Where I put those stupid church keys ( this would be the second set I have lost in the past 3 weeks)
* Everything I have to get done in my house before the babysitter comes tomorrow and I head to work
* How I wish I could just take a big nap
* Anxiety of if I'm being a good enough mom( what I can do better to teach and love my kids)
* All the house work
* what color I want to paint Hayden's room
* how I have to transfer money into my account and pay the bills online
* Just how much I love being a mom

and then this is about the time I think to myself how crazy I am for being on the computer when its this quite and how I should be working on my list of things to get done...but instead I'm going to crawl into bed and have a nap!

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