Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A " Happy 1st birthday" party for Grayson

.Hayden was my helper , he helped make the cake , and watched it very carefully for me to make sure I did not burn it !

He also helped me put up all the decorations the night before and pick out what kind of cake he wanted to make for Grayosn .. ( it looks kinda girly but that's all I had for die, either way Grayson loved it )

 Grayson was not to sure about the idea of having the cake right there to eat..... it took him awhile to warm up to the idea of getting his fingers dirty...
 but he got brave and tried a little icing I thought he was going to LOVE it seeing he never gets to have anything sweet , most things have milk in it.. He obviously does not take after his brother and dad , because he did not care for the icing...I had to force him to try it....
 but he did enjoy the red cake ( first time eating any kind of cake before )
 and I think he liked playing in the food also....  I would have to say it was a pretty successful 1st birthday!
At 1 he can now...
.*Climbs up and down the stairs( after practicing falling down them a handful of times)
 *saying Daddda and mama
* Stands up holding onto nothing
* Has 8 teeth
* waves bye and hi to everyone with both his hands
*still gets into everything ( new favourites for the month is , toilet bowl cleaner were he sucks on the gross... the garage..he licks the lid...even grosser....and the fridge were he drops the eggs on the floor)
*He eats non stop, always has something in his mouth ( typical breakfast , apple sauce slice of toast and some fruit cut up)
* He Climbs on everything ,( up onto the dress up box to reach the light , on the chairs, couch , onto Haydens bed)
* anytime music plays he starts to dance and now sings along.....
* and he loves to be song to and snuggled to sleep....

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