Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Meet the Mcclungs

Our little family all started right here..... Bradshaw really is one of the most amazing people I have ever known , Hence the fact I married him... He is kind , considerate, loving , and so much more !
Grayson is our new addition , theres not a whole lot to write about him other then his favourite thing to do right now is sleep, eat ....eat ....eat ...and eat! I would say poop to but it has been about 6 days since that happened, so when that day come I'm sure it will be his favorite thing..... and Mommy's worst nightmare!

Hayden.... is 2.5 and the most loving kid I have ever met( does not mean he does not get into trouble ) actually he is also probably the most mysterious. He is also super stubborn , which I think he gets from his father, though Bradshaw might say he gets it from someone else in the family. For the most part he is extremely passive and he likes to help mommy with EVERYTHING ( Ex the other day I was going to the bathroom and Hayden wondered in I said what are you doing give mommy some privacy Hayden replied "I'm here to help you mom." I love this kid, he makes me laugh!

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