Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Award winning moments this past year!

#1 , well I have to say the best thing that has happened this year was the new arrival of our Grayson, what a blessing to be able to bring such a little tiny spirit into this world..I have to say the other best part is watching the boys together , they quickly became best friends and honestly as a mother its amazing to watch them love each other so much!

#2 9 .5 months Pregnant and deciding to go tobogganing with Hayden .... I thought maybe it would bring on some labour BUT instead all I accomplished was wet pants ( not from the snow) and a really soar butt and back... and no baby, but Hayden had fun!

#3 Haydens first black eye... I wish there a good story to go along with it but theres not , he was jumping on the couch and went head first into the table....the good part is that I teasingly said to him it looks like you got into a fight and someone hit you in the face ... so whenever someone asked how did you get your black eye, he would reply I got into a fight with daddy, I'm really surprised we did not have the police at our door!

#4 , One night we were over at the Elfords house visiting when we realized that we had not heard from the kids for awhile, we quickly looked around the house and found them in there room playing o so nicely with there baby and well...... ever kind of lotion, powder and cream you can think of.

#5 This day was awesome , we as a family went to the temple to watch my grandpas ordinances be done , later in the month sealed him to my grandma and his children. Bradshaw was able to stand in for my grandpa and I stood in for my aunt who has passed away, what a spiritual feast!


#8 & 7 Whoop up days parade, Hayden decided that he wanted nothing to do with it, EVERYTHING scared him , so he sat the whole time on my lap with his hat covering his face .... and then when we got back in the car he screamed " I want to see the parade!"
We also ventured out to the fair grounds were we found the highlight for the summer, the petting zoo.... Hayden loved every thing about it, the animals not so much ..... Not even joking Hayden kept trying to pick them all up, he was caring the bunnies around by the neck , lifting the sheep up by the hind legs and he even attempted to jump up on the pony ... I guess he is not afraid of animals !

#9 Our Vegas trip, Every year since we have been married we have taken a family Vegas trip. This trip was the one to remember though , it started out awesome , when our flight out of Great falls was delayed 2 hours making our departure time 11pm... as we approached Vegas everyone was eagar to land , our wheels were almost on the ground when all of a sudden the plane started to accelerate and began to lift back up into the air , we then circled around Vegas for 30 mins straight wondering what was going on , only to find a gear was locked and we would have to have an emergency landing ..... as we were landing we looked down to find tons of emergency vehicles ready for our landing in case something went wrong ... It was by far one of the scariest moments in my life . The rest of the trip , included a husband who would not stop throwing up , Hayden who was dehydrated, me who was 4 months pregnant and tired and sick... and on on way home we ended up having our flight once again be delayed for 4 hours making up back in Magrath at 4am .... what a wonderful family trip!

#10 Hayden has decided to take up dressing himself...and I must say he is not to bad at it, o and by the way he would not take this off which meant we ended up taking our child out on the town wearing his water shoes , shorts , long sleeve winnie the pooh pj shirt and a winter vest.. got to Love it!


Amy said...

Yay, you're blogging!
Yup, those were some great moments, so good of you to journal them.
Fbook me your e-mail address and I'll send you an invite to my private blog.

dustinandrachelleririe said...

Aw, hahaha, Hayden looks so cute with a big ol' shiner!
Add me to your blog... (not that I really keep up with mine, but whatever!)