Thursday, April 17, 2014

Mom...thats what I am

I am a mom , that does not mean I LOVE it all the time ...... I do love my job, and most days I feel I take it for granted that I can stay at home with my children. I thought about that today, that Im blessed enough with a husband who has a good job and can proved for us so I can stay in the home with my children... But then I started thinking about what is it I do with them that benefits them and me so much while I'm at home ...I know I'm home but am I really there ? or am i working on more important things , like cleaning , laundry, facebooking or blogging? I realized that here I am this lucky mom who gets to be there when they wake up , stay with them all day take them to the park , have time to play with them , go for walks and read books .. Im there when they get home from school and most nights to eat with them and tuck them in .. yet I have taken that for granted and this past year have forgotten all about them... I have decided to use my stay at home mom time as ME time ...all day! Me time is great also just not all the time ! Tonight while putting Hayden to bed he put me in my place , he told me straight up how he felt and I listened and cried ....a lot .. he also told me with tears in his eyes that " mom I'm grateful to have you " at that moment I felt my heart grow so much , I love my kids more then life .. they are my world .. they mean so much to me and I want to spend my time with them , I want to be a stay at home mom not just so I can stay in my pjs all day but so I can stay in my pjs and watch movies with them .... or make a mess baking cookies or doing crafts with them ..... They make me happy .. not my super clean house and facebook.. it give me instant gratification but my kids will give me eternal gratification ...thats whats important !

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