Monday, February 3, 2014

Sad day at the McClung ..

ok im not sure I would say sad .. Bradshaw was very sad he lost his best friend , the one who helped him to pick up the ladies , the car that he spent his young single adult years with, he says it was him that picked up the ladies , I think it was the car I know i fell for it , the sportslook , with a sun roof and a bumping stereo .. who would'nt love it ? The kids were sad to see it go cause the spent hours using it to drive to disneyland , and Hawaii , Texas and camping ... That car has seen more imaginary road trips. In the winter while it sat parked my boys used it to sled off it, often you would see them standing on the roof or using it as a diving board to jump off into the snow.. They loved that car , it was the best toy ever . Bradshaw even got it up and running again .. and it was always exciting to go for a ride with dad in the sports car... i however lost interest and it was not as enjoyable as from the days when we dated .. no leg room , cramped , with no AC with a missing sterio not even a radio,  it was not my thing anymore..... It was loved so much though from the boys that it was even brought over to the new house.. and Abbi feel in love with it also, now being old enough to go on road trips she was invited on many wonderful trips with the boys... It really was a sad day when the car only made it to the corner before it died .. and we new it was just not worth it anymore... we got a whole 50$ and a nice man came and took it... the kids were sad ...and they have no idea it went to the metal yard .. they think the nice green car went to another kid to play in .... I on the other hand we holding back smiles and excitement from the fact that I did not have to have a green metal piece that leaked oil in my drive way anymore .. but to be fair i told Bradshaw we would take a few photos for him to remember it by...

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