Monday, November 14, 2011

So Proud....

Yesterday was Sunday... to go back alittle I will explain how much I have come to NOT enjoy Sundays . Hayden has recently decided to NOT like getting ready for church . Most days he wakes and says "is it Sunday?" We reply with " no not today" He sighs and says "o good" ... But on those days it is Sunday all Hell breaks lose at our house..... He cries and has a fit , "I don;t want it to be Sunday I don't want to get dressed for church"... is often what we hear out of his mouth and so the fight begins.
Hayden loves church he loves his teachers and his class... He Just hate Church clothes ( well right now he hates any kind of clothes , I will save that for another post though) so we often have to fight with him to put on something decent and that is some what appropriate for Sunday.
So now going forward , this past Sunday was his Primary presentation and he has been practicing for a long time.. He was looking forward to speaking in the microphone and being in front of everyone, but the morning of made me alittle nervous. I was worried he would get up cranky ask his normal question and when he found the answer was yes we were going to get dressed and go to church today he would have a melt down , which in turn would affect his mood for the primary presentation...and not to be me stressed but this Sunday Bradshaw has meetings at 9am leaving me to get the kids and myself ready...and on top of that he received a phone call at 8.20am from a High Council man asking him to meeting him asap... O GREAT!! now what right !
But to my surprise Hayden got dressed super fast, never had a problem at all, He even put on his new black dress pants , his Christmas tie and SWEATER VEST!! that is HUGE!!! He hates vests... He did not fight about getting his hair done, he just stood there and let me do it .. I could not believe it . I figured that the lord was giving me strength cause who new what Bradshaw was going to say when he got home from his meeting..
We were all ready to go by the time he came in the door at 10.20am.... and most of us were even happy..other then tired Grayson.. Bradshaw informed us that the Ward bishop rick was being changed and that he was the new ward Secretary to the bishop.... I have to say relief totally came over me, and excitement for him!
We got to church that morning Hayden got up on the stand and did a wonderful job... he said his part quietly but non the less he said it, he even tired to sing along to some of the songs... He did start talking to us about his button half was through it trying to get our attention by waving his arms and pointing to it .. but that's what makes primary presentations cute! I was so proud of him...
As I sat a watched ( when I was not in the hall with Grayson who fell asleep then woke up then fell asleep and then woke up) I thought to myself about when we first moved into the ward and Hayden was still a baby...I sat and watch the other kids do there presentation as I held Hayden and I could remember how serial it felt that one day he would be up there doing that presentation.. I felt like I had so much time and that it was so far away...and as I sat and watched him up there so much pride came over me, that my children are growing and that Hayden is becoming alittle boy... All in all Yesterday had some stress some new plans for us , but it was a pretty good day were as a wife and mother I got to sit and ponder about my family and how proud I am of them!

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Chelsea Belle said...

It really does go fast. McKye is headed to sunbeams in the new year! I remember you and baby Hayden, probably from the halls, where I was with my own baby boys:)