Thursday, November 10, 2011

Halloween 2011

This Halloween Hayden was so excited , he wanted to be Batman and thanks to a friend of mine she already had a costume ready to go. All I had to do was make a cape and buy the mask...and Hayden was ready to go.... He had his school party, and a costume birthday party,  we also went to a family Halloween party and dance and we also went trick of treating at the mall and Halloween night so as you can imagine Hayden got more then enough candy in that week to put enough sugar in him to keep him up for 48 hours straight ...and to tell you the truth I think he has just now hit the crashing point cause FINALLY he back to sleeping at night time!  Grayson was just as excited his new favourite word is now "candy " and he even stoped eating supper and would just sit at the table saying candy, candy ,candy..... ARRRR who invented Halloween ....was not a parent that's for sure!!

Bradshaw and I also had an adult party this year, which rocked we had a blast.... we worked hard on our costumes ... hahah right I think I sewed mine about 2 hours before the party started... but it was good we really did enjoy ourselves... so enough chatting and here some photos of our Halloween of 2011...

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