Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pregnancy journal..

Oct 13th .. Holy Oct already I feel like time is just flying by.. and I keep telling myself just under 6 months left ... and all I keep thinking is SLOW DOWN!!! Im not ready yet!!!
Nothing is really new I'm feeling better , I'm still so tired though I think that is due to the meds, I go to sleep at 8pm at night , I sleep till 7.30 then usually drag my butt around till 8.30 when I get little more energy... I have to lay down for a nap when Grayson goes down or I can not function for the rest of the day.. I'm glad Hayden has been so understanding and lets me lay around for the most part, He has stepped it up and been a great helper for me! I'm also starting to get little anxious for my ultrasound apt , I'm hoping that I get it scheduled at my next apt in a week... with both my boys I have them so early , Hayden at 12weeks before I left for Texas and Grayson at like 10 weeks cause they thought it might be twins .. so I feel by now I had the confirmation there was a baby in there ! I still kinda feel like I'm not pregnant other then being sick and tired all the time .... I'm waiting for that awww moment when you see it and realize , "there it is growing inside me, wow its real"!

As for Hayden he is still asking questions all the time about the baby. " Is it ready to come out yet?" " Is it sleeping?" " Is your tummy growing"? and the other morning he asked what the baby was going to eat , I told him well whatever I eat , HE replied with " it eats your insides"! He is super excited and I think he will be a great helper... I also FINALLY get a picture of the belly bump. I felt it was so big till I looked at the picture, then I thought its little ... so I took a close up so you could really see it !! cause I feel so big!!

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Cole and Paige Barnett said...

LOVE the bump! So excited for you guys:)