Monday, March 14, 2011

40 bags in 40 days .....challenge

ok everyone I'm so excited .. really really excited. After I read THIS really funny and inspiring blog post from white house black shutters I was so excited and pumped to join in on this exciting challenge! I feel the same way and I think most of you do... so if you are reading this and have no idea what I'm talking about GO go right now clink the link "this" and read it .. you will love it !

Now that you know what the heck I'm talking about how do you feel? You want to do it also , don't you. my heart is pounding cause I can just see it , my house will be clean of stuff .. I won't have random things floating around with no special spot for it to be, I can actually sit and do crafts in my craft room cause there will be space free from clutter and "stuff, stuff stuff" YAH!!

So as for me I have decided that my first room I will be working on will be my....... o man so many rooms I want to work on first... lets go with the craft room .. Its is by far the worst room right now. i have kinda turned it into my everything room when we don't know were to put something cause it does not have a home it gets thrown in there.. I'm kinda embarrassed to start with this room cause you guys are probably looking at my room and thinking " o man she is right she NEEDS to do this challenge look at that mess" ok ok I know and I promise not all of my house is like this .. just the closets mostly!  anyways so here's to my craft room and the 40 bags in 40 day challenge ...  Let me know if your also following along and how it goes!

Here is my very scary but real before pictures...


Colin and Cynthi said...

Good plan, I will probably be forced to do the same, moving day is April 26th and I have to downsize!

Angela said...

I totally went through Jarom's room last week, the basement closet and the Lego room. I purged and throw stuff away without thinking what the boys would say. It was glorious. I love the way an uncluttered room looks. I guess I should continue with the rest of my house.