Sunday, February 27, 2011

A weekend away!

Bradshaw and I just got back from a wonderful fun filled weekend away... and I of course took the camera thinking I could snap some pictures of just the two of us.. BUT I forgot all about it and in my purse it stayed put. (its amazing when you don't have kids around how you never think to take pictures)
back to the weekend .. so I have no photos to show you just how much fun we had but here's just some of the things we enjoyed..
. sleeping in till 8.30am
. crawling back into bed at 9am and napping on and off till 11.30am
. watching tv in bed
. listening to "good" music on the car ride not children's music
. sitting in a hot tub every night ...
. eating amazing food
. going to a movie
. strolling the mall " hand in hand"
. going out for dessert at 9pm at night just cause we could!
. falling asleep while watching murder mysteries ( our favourite)
. sleeping in a King size bed
. Reading a good book
. shopping in Joannes ALONE( that includes with no husband, one of the highlights of the weekend)
. Find some awesome bargins
. and just being able to visit , snuggle , and spend time togethe...

So as you can see we had an amazing weekend away.. but we were so glad to get back to the boys , though I think we missed them more then they missed us!

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Just Rhonda said...

Sounds GREAT!!! Makes me feel excited for our trip to Mexico!!