Saturday, December 18, 2010

To busy to enjoy!

I can not believe that this Christmas is just a week away , I have felt that I have not enjoyed one bit of it yet, and that makes me kinda sad.
This morning I was reflecting on some things, see Hayden ended up sleeping at my parents house ( to help us get all the gifts wrapped last night ) and Bradshaw has taken off to the skill hill, leaving me alone with Grayson, What else to do at 7am then reflect and think when the house is quite.
I found myself thinking about Christmas, how I had planed for it to be this year , Quite and simple , I wanted a Christmas from the old days.. with the big light bulbs on our house, simple hand made presents for everyone, Frank Sinatra and Judy Garland playing in the background, festive family activities like Caroling and making cookies, driving around looking at lights, watching old Christmas movies........and instead I have a house with a tree that only has big light bulbs because we could not find time to put them on the house,  Presents which I have no really even started to make , because I was so busy doing my orders from the craft sale , and a family who I have done not very much Christmas activities with...some but not all I had dreamed off.
So now I have one week left to try and enjoy with my family and make it the best Christmas. I have come to realize that our world is so involved with the hustle and bustle of Christmas that we don't have time to enjoy the quite and simplicity that it really should be about. I had an idea but did not change my life style to accommodate it, and I too have been to wrapped up in the commercial aspect of it...... and that makes me kinda sad.  

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