Friday, June 11, 2010

Were do I begin?

 I have been meaning to sit down and update my blog for like 2 weeks now... there has been so much going on , now I have no idea were to First the past weekend Bradshaw left me to attend his man richment activity in the crowsness pass, I was a little nervous for the first night alone with both kids , seeing I was still popping T3s  and antibiotics for my now affected mouth ( check out my previous post called ouch) and the two nights before Hayden and Grayson were up  with fevers and coughs, so as you can tell his up coming camping trip away was giving me a little anxiety. So I called up Great Grandma and asked if she would mind having a sleepover, to my surprise she said she would love it ! Hayden was so excited to have Great Grandma stay over at our house, as was I even though I was not sure how much help she would end up being. 
But Grayson loved having the extra attention , poor kid you think I never play with him or love him the way he acts when I put him down to try to help Hayden or get something done...
Great Grandma got some TLC also from Hayden !
GGrandma also treated us to a very yummy healthy dinner of McDonald's, and when it was time for bed I drugged up my kids with there cold medicine , I took my T'3s and Grandma took her sleeping pills and we all crashed and slept till 8.30am.......well almost everyone .. me and Grayson were up a couple times during the night but all in all it was a good sleep over with Great grandma!


Amy said...

How did the Manrichment go anyway?

mbmcclung said...

hahah well Bradshaw said he had a blast... so I guess that means good !