Monday, May 3, 2010

weekend adventure

So this past weekend we took a trip to Cranbrook BC , It was much needed seeing it had been at least 4 years since I had seen must of my Uncles and Aunts. Must of them have not met Hayden let alone Grayson. Bradshaw was a grooms man for his best friends wedding and it just so happened it ended up being there. So we packed out new van ( new to us) and head for the 3 hour drive which took us about 5 hours with pee breaks, feeding breaks , and leg stretching brakes... but we eventually made it there and had a awesome weekend .... some of our highlights from then trip were....

Bradshaw highlights by far were all the views he got to see. Most of my relatives live on farms out in the mountains and well they all had breath taking views , it made you just want to slow down take a breath and really enjoy the beauties of the earth.
Haydens had many highlights on this trip but one of his favourites by far was the ride he got to go on with Uncle Pat in the "big big mountains"

Erins ( my cousins) highlight from the trip was we all went to cheer her on at her special Olympic swim meet Sunday morning.. she did awesome we were so proud of her!

Grayson well he did not have to many highlights ..... he looked like this most of the trip!

The families highlight was we got to see Erins torch from this last past Olympic games , she was able to light the flame in Crandbrook when the torch came through .... she was chosen to do this because she won a gold medal at the special Olympics... way to go ERIN!

Haydens high light was he got to see the BIG green truck..... he was not as impressed when we told him he could not bring it home with him and that it had to stay in Sparwood!

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Amy said...

Yay, a getaway, everyone needs one once in a while. Too bad Grayson didn't agree though. :)